We'll Rise Again

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We'll Rise Again



Liner Notes: 

This is song #3 in the Auntie-Sin challenge.

I synthesized two very different songs by @andygetch and @scubed. "Freedom is our Worship Word" and "You Caught Me". Both songs shared a certain beat on the shakers and used strings, so I capitalized on that in writing my song. I also mashed their lyrics together, keeping the spirit of the first song and the light, high vocals of the second one.

#1 - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/20863
#2 - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/21615


1. I was a butterfly, flitting from flower to flower.
They came from sea and sky. They took away my power.
I wanted peace, to catch a breeze, to move as I pleased. They caught me. They destroyed my tribe.
They came along and stole my song. Where do I belong when they steal home with a bribe?

Freedom is our worship word.
Love will conquer hate.
Hill and vale, beast and bird;
Nature knows to wait.
We'll rise again, our spirits strong,
And take over the concrete.
Freedom is our worship song.
Listen to the heartbeat.

2. I was a waterfall, fresh from a mountain lake.
Blowing bubbles, loving all--they take and take and take.
Raping the women, hurting the children, killing the men. They caught me, polluting my sacred land.
Now a trickle in a dam, I don't know who I am.
Will my spirit rise again?


3. As they choke on deadly air,
The ice will melt, deserts will form.
As they take and do not share,
Famine spreads, disease will roam.
Nature's wild heart will not be tamed.
They'll kill themselves like dinosaurs.
I'll triumph--love is my game.
I'll persist despite their roars.


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Lovely folky vocals and a message that couldn't be more timely.

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What a great song and message! Easy to listen to yet powerful.

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Your song was sad and beautiful, so I had to go angry and dirty with my antithesis of it. Now that I have listened to Getch and Scubed's songs, I can say nice work on the synthesis. I find those to be more difficult than antithesis, but you did a great job of merging the two lyrically and making it work musically (probably could have thrown in a few weird noises or banged some pots and pans to get that trippy feel of Andy's song... ah, no. Glad you didn't do that actually). Good work. Thanks!

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You had a very tough job with the two d wry different songs you had to work with and your really created something that truly has nuances of both! Love the beauty in your lovely melody and vocals. The strum channels the original well. Great job!

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Nice Synthesis of the two songs!, am only just listening to the ones before yours having got to know this one and plainwhitetoast's Anti to this as I synthesised them. I like how you have put the songs together. A lovely song in its own right, even better when you see the "backstory" of the where it comes for. Nicely played Smile

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Not only did you do a wonderful job synthesizing the songs that @AndyGetch and I did, you come up with a lovely song that stands on its own. Great work!

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Girl....I have listened to all of the Auntie sin songs and you did a FAB job on this, with Andy's dark song and Sharon's sweet song, you blended these so well, I agree that you came out of this with a special song, I am so proud of you for doing this, I am blown away.

Yay great job! I am working my way down the chain having written mine for auntie sin. You didn't have an easy job with these two to synthesise but you made it work. Nice one!

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I'm working my way backward thru the chain. It's fun to see how themes connect, twist, what gets picked up, what gets anti-d. Thanks for posting this song and playing the game

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I'm working my way forwards through the chain, and since I just completed my synthesis downstream of here, I understand how tricky it can be... and you had two _amazingly_ different tunes to mesh, and I think you did a great job of it. Great song demo here, the vocal delivery is very expressive with clear nods to both source songs. Well played!