Tuxedo and Evening Dress

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Tuxedo and Evening Dress



Hamish Grimm: Tuxedo & Evening Dress

Liner Notes: 

I love writing little nonsense songs like this.


You and me
Row out to sea
In a hollow tree

We drop our lines
Into the wine-
Colored sea
And catch a bottle of the
Finest cabernet

And the sky turns pink
As we drink
Down the purple liquid
And give some to a penguin

Who invites us to a party
But he
Warns us it’s black tie only
So we

Sail back to shore
To get our
Tuxedo and best
Evening dress

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Ferry Colyer's picture

This tale suits the music perfectly. I like how you introduced a penguin who actually had that influence to make you, respectfully, row back and redress. I can see this all happening!

auldy's picture

has a nice, ebbing lullaby feel. The about face at the end of the song is a nice change. I hope you guys made it to the party in the end.

Frances Smith's picture

Really pretty. There are lots of colours in the lyrics, and it makes it seem like a pink and purple song. Guitar sounds lovely too.

Jerry Pettit's picture

I don't know why the guitar seems so hypnotic to me. Perfectly played for the song. Great lyrics. Nice job!

I prefer the more abstract lyrics vs. literal story, etc. I get both, glad I do. The literal folks are very troublesome Smile I don't get how they become musicians of all things.

Anyway, I get it, it works! Smile