Just At Dusk

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Just At Dusk

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Liner Notes: 

I dreamed about my Mom last night and in the dream she had just died (in reality it's been 10 years). In the dream I was walking and she showed up next to me and said, "I will always be with you". Anyhow, I found a song from a few years ago and changed some things. Maybe Mom is just beyond the horizon at dusk.


Just at Dusk
© 2017 Cindy Prince

I've always love the coming of evening
My favorite time of day
There seems to be a certain quiet that comes on
As the light starts fading away

The birds chirp loudly, then rush to their nests
The night animals slowly arrive
Stars in the night begin blinking for show
And it's when I feel most alive

Sunset orange, sunset pink
I take a breath and then I blink
Under twilight's blanket I begin to think
Just at dusk

These days I try to take a moment or two
To watch the sky alter its hue

As I ponder my life through so many years
Think of others that went on before
Perhaps they're just beyond the horizon at dusk
Boating on to another shore

Repeat chorus

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Lovely images of sunset and nature in this. Very picturesque. Good to contemplate when you feel connected to nature like that. And your dream must have touching. We miss out mothers like it was yesterday, no matter how long since she left.

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What a surprising bridge. The whole lyric is pretty, but that made me think, woah. I like the 'boating to another shore' very much too.

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Really beautiful, spiritual message. I love the imagery.

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Love the imagery, the colourful images and the whole message. Beautiful lyric.

Lake's picture

Gorgeous images and poeric sensibility. Well written.

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Very nice ... I love the idea/image of contemplating things at twilight. <3