Must I Strive for You?

Must I Strive for You?

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this song as part of my concept album; this one represents Fridays. The recording was made with only piano and vocal, since I did this in one day. This is a fast rock and roll number influenced by the Beatles or Chuck Berry.


I wake up Friday morning
I know it's concluding the week
My head's a thousand miles behind the sun
We're gonna have fun, fun, fun
Welcome to the end, it's true
Must I try for you?

I wait for lunch to come around
I'm whistling my happy songs
You gotta understand my frivolous folly
I drift away and get rid of my melancholy
Welcome to the end, it's true
Must I try for you?

Having conversations in the hall
The madness seems quite small
Life seems rather simple
Over a period of time
The end, it's really true
Must I strive for you?

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can feel the Chuck Berry vibes and can get where your trying to take it. The must I Strive for you is a great hook.

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Fun piano part, love me some Chuck Berry!

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Cruel to remind us of Friday on a Monday... Having said that, I did enjoy this song. Nice job on the lyrics.