06 - Holidays Organised by Others

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06 - Holidays Organised by Others



Liner Notes: 

Sixth song from my album "There Ought to be a Law", songs about things that infuriate me far out of proportion to their importance.

I managed to double up with the current Songfight title (songfight.org - go check it out! Cool place), which is why the lyrics are a little less specific. I like this one a lot, which is usually a bad sign Smile


We visited a forest full of graves
Cathedral made from human bones
Castle where three thousand kids’
Blood still stains the cobblestones.

What person wants to see a forest full of graves?
That’s last time I ever let you book our holidays!

We visited a forest full of graves
Tour-guide told some tasteless jokes
We sent postcards, had a buffet
By the blood-stained castle moat.

I didn’t want to eat on site of massacre
That’s last time I’ll ever take a fellow traveler!

We visited a forest full of graves
In radioactive exclusion zone
Tourist information office
Suggested we should just go home.

just go home!

No more holidays found on social media -
Let’s be more conventional and book trips with Expedia.

Next year we’re going to the beach.
Though it will probably turn out to be
The site of some forgotten pogrom ...

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auldy's picture

this is a twisted and funny take on sight seeing. You have opened my eyes. Some very clever and funny rhymes here. Which specific places inspired these lyrics?

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Great take on the title! I've actually just gotten back from a holiday organised by somebody else - and I'm semi-dreading an excessively-curated stag do next month - and a lot of this rings true. Love the bendy synths and layered vocal bits. You will be getting a vote from me!

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Somehow your voice makes me wanna go there badly, abit of an Oasis feeling over the delivery. Funny lyrics.

kahlo2013's picture

Ha! Love the examples that so cleverly illustrate those undesired surprises of following the plans of others on our own holidays. I'm off on one soon and this is a good reminder to me to make my holiday my own! Great music and vocal delivery as always!

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Yes! Cemeteries are so cool! Exactly where I would take you if you came here on holiday! And to eat your lunch upon a massacre site is revolting....

Your lyrics are unique and punch at the issues inherent to letting someone else plan out your vacation. The music is a great outline of where you are going. I definitely see this heading in a more percussive direction. You could even play the bones in some parts...

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Enjoyed this. You've got a good voice for this. Nice job on the lyrics!

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The quintessentially British response to going on holiday is to make sure that we have such a miserable time while we're there that we're not sorry when it's all over and we're back home. This sounds *perfect*... Bonus points for working Expedia into it all, too.