A Simple Man

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A Simple Man

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This song just kind of came to me today. I love it when that happens. They are usually some of my best. It has an acoustic Kid Rock kind of feeling to it. I will probably work up a full version later.


Some people want to be a big rock star,
Drive around in fancy sports cars
Drink champagne and eat caviar.
Some people want to be big rock stars.

Some people want to be on the silver screen.,
Be a big movie star like Charlie Sheen.
Have lots of money; not worry bout a thing.
Some people want to be on the silver screen.

Well not me. I’m happy right were I am.
Living my life. Just doing the best I can.

I just want to be a simple man.
Loving my wife and living of the land.
Trying every day to be the best I can.
I just want to be a simple man.

Oh a simple man. (x3)

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Great song and so nice sound. Very nice guitar that leads the listener trough the lyrics with nice accompaniment of the vocals

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This has a great, everyday sunshine rock feel too it. Its like Kid Rock crossed with I Fought the Law by the Clash. I'd turn this up if it came on the radio New russian

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The simple structure to the song fits the lyric perfectly. Very nice lyric, and a great performance. Your husky voice contrasts nicely with the sweet guitar.

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Don't you love it when songs come like that? This is great! Simple and great message and great vocals!

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Hey, you've got a great voice! I liked this--nice job on the lyrics!

Yes, well put together. For me sounds more John Melloncamp, but yes kid-rock-2 Smile (Little pink houses... ) good stuff!!

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Nice message. Love the percussive sound on your guitar strumming. You have a great voice! I can see why this is one of your favorites.

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Direct and true and still quite the toe-tapping singalong. Very nice -- when you work up the full version, don't go too overboard; it has lots of charm as-is!