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Hey there Delilah
I am so lonely
I fell in love so long ago
But for some reason
We cannot be together
And I’ve been listening to your show
I’m wondering if you could do one thing for me

Play a song to tell him that l love him
I’m waiting for the day
We will be together he’ll hold me in his arms
A happily after story
Where the love has overcome
A song that melts the distance and communicates the truth
I’ve been waiting I’ll keep hoping
Till he comes home to me

Hey there Delilah
I am so sad
I’ve been watching a special girl
For my whole life long
She doesn’t even know me
But to me she is the world
I’ve been listening to your show and I am wondering

Hey there Delilah
I am so heartbroken
I have no one to love
I’m feeling like a token
I’ve been listeing to you give advice all night
And could you do one thing for me.

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You had me by the title since I love the Tom Jones song Delilah. Nice guitarwork and smoot lovely lyrics

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I love your strum pattern on the guitar! Great writing on the lyrics.

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You have a good voice. Nice job on the chord progression. Not finding the lyrics, but I think they were good. Smile