I Believe

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I Believe



Liner Notes: 

Recorded with the guitar amp at whisper volume so as not to wake people. Mic was 1/2 cm from the speaker cone. MXR Distortion + pedal. Kind on an interesting effect on the sound. Vocal also done very quietly, so probably needs redoing. Nah. This is 5090! Smile Headphone mix!!! Biggrin


I believe in the power reason
I believe in the point of hope
I believe they will hang themselves
If they get enough rope.

I believe in the destination
I believe in the Buzzcocks, too
I believe in the sensei in me
And I believe in you

Don't be fooled by the mass delusion
We all know what they're talking about

I believe in human heart and
I believe in the human mind
I believe that the world is sacred
And so's the child.

Don't be fooled by the mass delusion
We all know what they're talking about

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rocks and feels like a Foo Fighters track New russian

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Rockin' track - and it amuses me to imagine you rocking out vewy vewy quietly Wink A welcome note of hope.

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I enjoyed this a lot. Great sound on the guitars, love your voice. Enjoyed the lyrics, too! Good job!!

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WOW. I really enjoyed the listen! The guitar hooked me in the first few seconds! Great job!!!

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Very very cool track. This does NOT sound like it was recorded super quietly! I like the repetition and I love the message.