Common Ground

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Common Ground



Liner Notes: 

I was going to run through a list of 15 common chord progressions I found through Googie. The first one was supposed to be BDED and I played ACDC instead by mistake. This is the result. I can't think of any lyrics at the moment and the title is the first word I could think of that followed common.
Hearing it back i will probably need to reduce the snare volume.


I have no words!!!!!!!

Music by Mark M. Scullion ©2017

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Ooh, I love the soaring strings at 0:40. Nice contrast

Then that clanging industrial undercurrent at 1:00. Again, nice contrast.

But it's at 1:50 that this really takes off for me. That layer of mystique that appears and permeates throughout - a bit of dissonance amidst the joyful swelling, which it's nice to see wins out in the end.

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that was a pretty chill vibe. Nice journey anchored to that quacking throb(?) Felt very uplifting, great stuff.