Life Cannot Go On

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Life Cannot Go On



Liner Notes: 

Decided to try a one take song recording with a Zoom H5 in my very untreated music room.


Life Cannot Go On

A path no human has walked
A bending and gurgling stream rushing by
Nobody so much as talked
About the one thing they all thought

Life cannot go on

Trees howl at our disturbance
And stick their branches out to block us
While this does not deter us
It does slow our progress

Life cannot go on

Breathing sounds come and go
From our consciousness
Only when interrupted do we know

Life cannot go on
Life cannot go on

Without love

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Love how this ends. So simple yet profound and deeply true. Nice driving strum and heartfelt delivery.

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I think you have a good voice--kind of hard to hear. Good job on the lyrics--I liked the song!

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A stark lyric that seems saved by the last line in the sense of meaning and emotion. I'm glad I stopped by to listen.

On an entirely different topic: I love my hand-held recorder. But I've found the guitar kind of drowns out the voice a lot of times. So I've taken to facing the guitar away from the mic but pointing my head towards it. Seems to balance the two a bit better, even if the guitar sometimes feels just a bit less up front. It's a great tool, I think.