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went quite a bit over time for a rough take demo, took a while to pin down even though i got the basis in good time. glad i stuck with it though i went over time.


happy behind the curtains
keep the curtains drawn
sundown comes
draw the curtains
too hot outside
draw the curtains

grey and miserable pissy weather
draw the curtains
put the light on
draw the curtains

keep that side there drawn
all the time
nosy neighbour
out at her bins
sneak a peek in
keep it drawn
keep it drawn

on my side of the curtains
leave a crack just to spy
passers by
keep an eye
watch the sky
out there
behind the curtains

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Liked it! You have an interesting and unique voice. Love your accent, of course. Very nice job.

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I have never done this. Nope, nope, nope. Smile
Is there any situation where you would just throw them wide open and say, "Fuck it! I'm just going to do and see whatever I want?" I would be interested to hear a bit about that.
Fun stuff! Smile

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A fun peek into the private world of the private person on the other side of the curtain looking out at the world (and me?). Fun with a touch of misanthropy and mystery to boot!

kahlo2013's picture

Ha! The last bit is quite fun. We all like our privacy but do want to know what is going on with others. Great delivery and groove!

Sw1n3flu's picture

Got a good off-kilter groove to this, really enjoyed listening to how you delivered the words.

The emphasis on "Pissy" is particularly excellent. Smile

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Lovely. There's so many things packed in this. Fun, looking for safety, adventure.. Great vocal delivery too!

yam655's picture

This was fun. It's like a theme song for a misanthropic neighbor. Smile

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

The tense music is perfect for the story, and I really like the sound of the drums (and your voice, of course). Really great off-kilter little tune!

musicsongwriter's picture

Lovely song, fun to listen to. Love the feel here. Brilliant take on skirmish.

edsmaron's picture

Glad you stuck with it too. Like the quirky delivery, especially "passers by, keep an eye, watch the sky." Nice work!

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This is both at the same cute and kinda whimsical, and yet sinister and lonely. Great take on the skirmish theme !

katpiercemusic's picture

This is adorably creeper! I love it! I really enjoy your musical sensibility.

Max in the Woods's picture

I really liked this song the first time I heard it. After hearing it live yesterday, I like it even more. The music works really well with the sentiment - it makes it fun and sneaky without being too creepy. Really like the line "leave a crack just to spy."
I'd be so with you hiding behind the curtains - if I had any neighbors, that is.
Great job, Wobbie!

Yep yep yep - think you just summed up summer in the UK!! Struck a chord with me Biggrin

headfirstonly's picture

As someone who actually worries about the social etiquette of drawing the curtains too early in the evening, this has huge appeal. An ode to one of the least-celebrated but most important parts of any house. Great stuff!

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I love that lyric. That last verse isn't me at all. I like this song. Your take on the challenge, your vocal performance and that lyric are all good.

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This was a fun take on the skirmish. I like the melody and you seem to have captured all of the reasons for having curtains in one song, for which I applaud you, Sir! Clapping