Quiet Lies

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Quiet Lies



Liner Notes: 

These lyrics are deeply personal, every take I took trying to record this brought tears. This week I told my parents and siblings (in person) about my decision to step away from their church and join another one. These lyrics are taken from things my dad did (and didn't) say. A man of few words, he told me "Go be apostate. Work out your salvation in your liberal church. Just don't lie to me."

Copyright time and date: July 15, 2017


1. You've went and gone apostate.
I've known a year or two.
I've made my own mistakes--
More than quite a few.
Gotta work out my own grace
Before my life is through;
You've gone and pulled up stakes
For a "better" view.

Please remember that I love you
When the tears come to my eyes
Trust me with your good and bad news
Don't leave me with quiet lies.

2. I don't want to turn to gossip
To hear about you leaving.
It hurts for me to accept
My role right now of grieving.
Write your mother. Call your sisters.
Please don't be a stranger.
Hear the love in my words' blisters
Calling your soul from danger


3. Can't pretend to understand.
Not sure I could even try.
Heaven is not a "promised land"
Without you by my side.
So if this life is all we get
And God splits us at the gate,
We don't have time to let
Our differences turn to hate.


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It is interesting that something so heartbreaking could be filled with so much love. Every parent creates their child to live their own life and follow their own heart and the joy we receive is that they have all of the tools they need to do so. I can feel your sadness but I can also see his love, beautiful write and I think you should sing it with great pride as some time passes. Hugs friend!!

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Fantastic lyrics, great great writing. Very heartfelt. I also hope you can sing it.But sometimes its also a good idea to make such heartfelt pieces rest for a while.

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Wonderful! Gave me chills, love the phrasing and the emotion is just brimming, you did a beautiful job and I know it was hard, but hopefully it gives you some peace. Hugs!

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This is beautiful. I suspect a lot of people wish their own parents responded as kindly to similar news.

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you took something personal an made it universal. for me, that is what art is all about. Very well done.

Wonderful track, your vocal is very emotive and in general this is a fantastic performance of as you say personal lyrics. Well written, I quite like the melody on the main line. Good stuff!

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That is a great title. And this lyric is pretty heavy. You do a great job of performing this song, especially the vocal. That last verse is really good.

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Gosh, those last four lines of the final verse are just incredible. That feels like a very important message for everyone of any faith. You've turned this painful situation into such beautiful art. I can really hear the emotion in your voice, you communicate the feeling in this wonderfully. Thanks for sharing.

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This is beautiful; well-composed, and pregnant with emotion and sincerity. The refrain is very well articulated, and I thought it was strong both before and after reading your liner notes to get the personal context.

You are right to be proud of this one. It's one of the best I've heard this challenge.

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A powerful lyric and a heartfelt recording. Goodness, I just want to give you a hug after hearing this song.

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Sorry to hear it has been so difficult for you. I am happy to hear that the process of writing this song at least brought you some peace. Earnest lyrics, straightforward vocal and guitar for a high-impact emotional subject. The idea of quiet lies too really resonates. It's so much easier than the truth, but they can cause so much pain when they add up. Very heartfelt and soulful.

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This is a beautiful piece, I hope that it was cathartic to write it as it sounds like a deeply stressful time. Was this due to the equal marriage referendum? I mean, you don’t have to say. I thought our EU referendum was spiteful but this is something else.