Live Forever In The Garden

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Live Forever In The Garden



Liner Notes: 

I was running out of time to meet the deadline for the prompt "The Garden" from the Facebook GYAWS group. Tried the short-cut capo in a new position with mostly two finger chords. Played the instrumental line first. The lyrics revisit a theme I started last 5090 from childhood religious experiences and recent reminders.


Live Forever In The Garden
12 string guitar short cut capo strings 2, 3, 4
Repeat G6 C2 A2 D2 shapes relative to capo

Hearing rote repetition
About the end of this system
Vagueness interpreted
Hope and faith tested

Pay attention son
Think about how nice
It will be to
Live forever in the garden in eternal paradise

Bridge D A C G
You’ll find it in revelation
All the war and famine
Believe the one true religion

All the evil deeds on this earth
Are just the devils work
Watch it on the television
Prophecies are confirmed

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus twice

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Effects very well used here. Love the big sounding guitar chords at the end. The lyrics are very effective, works really well.

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The contrast of the other-worldly music with the strict admonitions from the pulpit is very interesting. This kind of music does not belong in church! Smile
That bridge gets me. I've read a lot of Revelation over the years...

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You've got a U2 thing going on here! More Unforgettable Fire than pop U2. Super cool guitar sounds, and I like the insistent shaker. I like the matter of fact lyrical delivery - this happened to you, and you're past it, and now you're telling the story. Good stuff.