I Am a Lemur

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I Am a Lemur



Liner Notes: 

My daughter spent the last two weeks in a summer theater camp production of Madagascar. One of her roles was a dancing lemur. I wrote this one morning as she got ready - did a quick Google search for some lemur info.
I used to write a lot of this kind of song when she was younger. Even though she's 15 now, she got a kick out of this one.


I am a primate, I eat leaves and fruit
so funny-looking I'm actually cute
I am nocturnal with eyes big and bold
live is a place where it seldom gets cold

I am a lemur, to be more specific
I am in fact quite lemur-ific

I am but one of 100 types
some of us tiny, some of us with stripes
sometimes in a tree, sometimes on the ground
talk to each other through smell and through sound

I am a lemur ...

I have a few friends I hang around with
I am named after an old Roman myth
live in a place with nature diverse
but poverty and politics sometimes make it worse

I am a lemur ...

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haha - I guess I'm not the only one who uses google enough in some of my songs that I should probably include them in my credits.
Maybe your daughter should break from script on the last day of camp and sing this.

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So cute Smile Great dadding! Lemur-iffic cracked me up.

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Lemurs are indeed Lemur-iffic - as is this song. Great fun and ideal as a kid's song.

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Entertaining and informative. I did enjoy the listen. It's amazing how much you find out you don't know when you shut up and listen.

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Heh! There is definitely something weird going on this week. First my brother posts a photo of himself hanging out with a lemur at the zoo, then the mighty @sapient posts a selfie of himself with his new best mate, a red lemur. Now I hear this. Why am I missing out, Chip? How do you capture the zeitgeist so impeccably?

Congrats on coining the word Lemur-ific, too. Clearly it's a word whose time has come.

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Haha, I saw the title for this one and just had to listen. I never knew you were a Lemur - if anything, this makes your songwriting accomplishments more impressive than ever Wink
Very fun tribute to an extremely cute animal.

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Who doesn't love lemurs? Such huge eyes. Great simple song, great word creation of lemurrific! I really enjoy the simple percussive sound you have going on to line up with the guitar. I'm gonna have to look up the old roman myth. Catchy chorus for sure.