A Man in a Suit With No Money

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A Man in a Suit With No Money




Liner Notes: 

August 30, 2017

Work in progress..

October 2, 2017
Andy Getch> It took awhile for me to get to this one. Apologies. On the last day of 5090 after the site had officially closed for new postings, I took the rhythm guitar, bass, and second/third chorus tracks that Ferry started,
added three more more tracks with effects for the words that Michael wrote, and added a little more percussive and lead guitar.

October 3, 2017
Ferry Colyer: thanks Andy and Michael for collaborating with me. It's cool to hear things work out beyond my expectations.

Mike Sez: Well done gentlemen! It was my pleasure to be a part of this rocking good music with Andy's new vocals.


A man in a suit with no money
A man in a suit with no plans
A man in a suit with no honey
A man in a suit with no friends

Like something that fell to earth
you're smug and loud and shiny
like rubbish washed up in the surf
with all the moss and plastic and spiny's
When you got your land legs
and started struttin' around
early witnesses will recall
a hateful attitude and flashy attire

A man in a suit with no money
A man in a suit with no plans
A man in a suit with no honey
A man in a suit with no friends

Somewhere along the way
you turned sawdust into gold
pushed all the others down
and declared the world you own
Mark my words man in the suit
your fall is drawing nigh
when the keepers of this dear old earth
will be throwing you out to dry

A man in a suit with no money
A man in a suit with no plans
A man in a suit with no honey
A man in a suit with no friends

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cindyrella's picture

A gem again Ferry! Simple lyrics and yet profound too. Good stuff Smile

Valerie Cox's picture

Cool. The first part swirls around in your head. Sounds like a bee choir or something the way it buzzed. Then you drop it down to that sparsely arranged part for the vocals. I like that contrast. Rock!

tamsnumber4's picture

I really like it, but was disappointed when it ended, so it needs to be longer after you reeled me into it!! LOL! Nice rockin production on it, happy to hear you again!!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Great title and concise lyrics. I like all the effects swirling around the guitar ... falsetto voice and then bass ending really creative!

wobbie wobbit's picture

great sounds. love the ooo-ooo. nice arrangement and fine performance

auldy's picture

I immediately felt like this sounds like a it could be Visconti produced Bowie song. Short and to the point, I feel like it could be fleshed out, left me wanting more! The transitions between the parts worked great, looking forward to hearing more Smile

OdilonGreen's picture

Progressing from an intriguingly chaotic wall of sound to an intense, but more restrained, stab of guitars, the music (and intriguing lyrics) offer an all-too-brief peak into a quite interesting sonic world.

JamKar's picture

Ditto on that wall of sound. Fantastic outtro! Hope you can extend this piece Ferry. If you do please hit me up!

Silver Machine's picture

Man I don't wanna mention the Pixies again, but they were the best band in the whole freakin universe, so you gotta forgive me ok.
You got that sound to a T, but you added your own UVXYZ on top. So cool.

Purple Catfish Bettie's picture

wow... first 1 second or less and it's 'joy division'... but it's got that odd time. very cool. even has a bit of a 'steel pole bath tub' feel to it.

fresh spotless youth's picture

That's pretty damn cool. I love the driving opening bit. It took me a while to realize it wasn't in 4/4. It sounds so natural and fluid.

musicsongwriter's picture

Brilliant song. Love the drive here. Great vocals and playing. Very cool short lyric. Is the lyric by Michael? Just wondering about the collaboration side of things.

JamKar's picture

Watch for additional lyrics Nadia. The Ferry/Karns collaboration continues.

And there goes the man, just as quickly as he showed up. Great music & simple, yet poignant lyrics - all performed well. Great collab, you two! Looking forward to more, as implied by JamKar's comment above. Smile

Fuzzy's picture

A great driving rocker, guys!
Wow, so short, though!!
I could have listened to another couple minutes of that groove!

Vom Vorton's picture

Very cool! Had to play this one a couple of times - it may be short but there's a LOT going on! Love the layers and noises!

musicsongwriter's picture

Looking forward to hearing your final result. It's very cool and interesting already but as you said work in process I'd really like to hear your resulting version. Please let me know when it's posted. Thank you.

musicsongwriter's picture

Brilliant result. Thank you for sharing. Epic work and collaboration.