Jammin' in the B

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Jammin' in the B



Liner Notes: 

An attempt at hip hop by someone who knows NOTHING about hip hop music. Hehe.


Many moons ago, in 2006, my co-worker at the library was having problems with the Xerox machine. In her email, her exact words were "the paper's jammin' in the B" (the B section of the copier, that is). I reckoned that should be a hip hop tune.

Soon afterward (in 2007) I recorded an instrumental version, which had the exact same guitar riff and drum beat you hear here (it's been so long, I can't even remember the free drum software I snagged this beat from!) but was mostly just one long guitar solo. I always intended to write lyrics to it someday but never got around to it.

Flash forward to 2010. A co-worker (a different one) and I planned on making a new song, and I thought the music to "Jammin' in the B" might work. So I recorded another instrumental version, with no extended guitar solo. Nothing came of our collab, the co-worker moved to Vancouver, and I forgot about the track.

About a week ago, I re-discovered the aforementioned 2010 instrumental buried on my external hard drive. I thought, "Dagnammit, I'm finally gonna do this damn song!"

And so the saga comes to an end .... :P

The lyrics are a composite of many patrons I've dealt with at the library. Smile


"Assiniboine Park Zoo" = Wpg's zoo

"Izzy Asper" = Late patriarch of the Asper family, one of Wpg's richest

"Shilo" = an army base in Manitoba, west of Wpg

"The Guess Who" = Arguably, the most successful Wpg band ever

"Mr. Martin" = A patron I used to deal with on a regular basis. He must have asked if we had an Izzy Asper biography a hundred times! We did NOT have one. He was so annoying. Hehe.

"The Leg" [pronounced "ledge") = The Legislative Building, located in Wpg, where the Manitoba provincial gov't does its stuff


I got Martin Luther
MLK, too
But no nothin’ about Assiniboine Park Zoo
No Izzy Asper
Ain’t got no bio
There ain’t a single volume work about Shilo
I ain’t got an inkling of a clue
Don’t know nothing about the Guess Who
Gotta get the paper
Out of that B jam
Pretty sure I’ll never give another good goddamn

Mr. Martin, can’t you see?
The situation’s jammin’ in the B
I’m sick, I’m tired of what you need
When all I see is jammin’ in the B (x2)

Jam jam jammin’ in the B
Jam j-jam, j-jammin in the B (x2)

Why are you talking to me?
Why won’t you go?
Your lips are moving, but you’re speakin’ in slo-mo
All you ever do
Is waste my time
Don’t care one bit about your Sprite Lime
You ain’t got compensatory edge
Don’t care about happenings at the Leg
Gotta get the paper
Out of that B jam
Pretty sure I’ll never give another good goddamn

Mr. Martin, can’t you see?
The situation’s jammin’ in the B
I’m sick, I’m tired of what you need
When all I see is jammin’ in the B (x2)

Jam jam jammin’ in the B
Jam j-jam, j-jammin in the B ....

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Love the back story and this really does jam! I think stories like that really make great songs. Brilliant!

Woo! What an intro this is!

This is a cool song, I like the guitars and vocals. I really like the Winnipeg based references, go Canada! This is very enjoyable, good...jam.

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MANITOBA CLASSIC!!!! I love this song. I know a guy at Shilo... I've been to the Assiniboine park zoo... I know who Izzy is... etc....

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Tremendous jam, with a really party-rock-rap feel. The references are a bit obscure to this non-Winnipegger (thanks for the glossary), but the fun and energy of this track come through loud and clear!

Valerie Cox's picture

The sound you've created here is great! The mix of hip-hop, with the cool rock guitar and semi rap vocal just works, and it works so well. Love this. Really cool.

barbara's picture

Man, I like this!! Everything works together so well, with an infectious, tight energy and a great composite sound. I hear shades of southern rock and even a hint of some Joe Walsh influence maybe, but this party-vibe dressing-down is a unique bird that I am loving!
Lyrics are just plain fun to follow along with!

wobbie wobbit's picture

love it. such a great energy, i like what i could make out of the concept/backstory but not getting it all didnt stop my enjoyment of it. sits so nicely together and your performance has a great feel. Nice one Smile

Arkka's picture

Seriously pretty damn good. The riff + the beat = very cool groove and the vocal rhythm makes it groove even more. Makes you move!

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Love that you managed to get this finished after such a long time and it's turned out so well! I'm not always a fan of the hip-hop / rock crossover stuff but this is so damned infectious and fun that my reservations are smashed to pieces! Killer guitar riff, and the energy of the vocals is great. And it was all inspired by a paper jam!!!

Fuzzy's picture

Oh man, this is so great!!
There's a lot of great energy here.
So tasty!!
That guitar interplay is like magic for my ears.
Really good work, DS!!

marvsmooth's picture

This is fantastic!

It's like Lynyrd Skynyrd doing hip hop, and it works incredibly well!

Great music, great lyrics, fabulous performance! On of my faves this year!

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

I love the groove! And the vocal, hiphop or not, sounds great too. To me it also has rock / bluegrass influences :-).