Pay the Price

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Pay the Price



Liner Notes: 

Just a fun song to answer the Week 2 challenge, to write an advice song.


Pay the Price

You’ve got to pay the price
You’ve got to pay the price
Won’t cross the finish line
Without some sacrifice
Every ounce of pleasure’s
Gonna cost a pound of pain
And you know that you’ve got to pay the price

Willie listens to the band while
Boozing at the bar
Wishes he was on the stage and
That he was the star
But it hurts his fingers
Every time that he tries to play guitar


Desdemona wants to dance and
Glide across the floor
Took a couple lessons
She won’t go back anymore
Took up all her Saturdays
Besides it left her feeling tired and sore


If you want to swim the sea
You’ve got to take the plunge
If you want to win the fight
Then learn to take a punch
You’ve got to pay the price
‘Cause there ain’t no such thing
As a free lunch


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A timely message for 50/90 Smile And great upbeat guitar-playing & spot-on vocals. Well done!

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Delightful! The upbeat music and jaunty vocals are just right - they keep the lyrics from coming off as preachy. Well done!