My Grandmas Christmas Tree

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My Grandmas Christmas Tree




Liner Notes: 

Never to early for Christmas songs! I am thinking of doing a Christmas album this year so this may just be the first. Thanks to Liz Petty for the lyrics!



Sequins ribbons painted ornaments
crocheted snowflakes handmade thoughfulness
There were so many things I'd always loved to see
There on my grandmas
My grandma's christmas tree


we'drive for miles and miles
down to grandmas house
Down country roads and highways
through the city sounds
We could not wait
we could not wait
could not wait to be
all gathered round
my grandmas christmas tree


She'd always be there waiting at
The gate onto her farm
with a great big smile she take us
into herloving arms
And then at last
and then at last
then at last we be
all gathered round
my grandmas christmas tree

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Joanne!!! I love how you developed and crafted this song from the words I sent! Your changes made it so much better! I love it!!!

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This has a 'I want to gather round the singer-feel' to join and sing along, so I think the translation of Liz' lyrics into music and singing is a success!

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Oh the perfect lyrics and perfect performance of a no doubt to be treasured song-should be a real classic! Love everything about it!

Another wonderful collab for Christmas in July - great work you two! The repetition of "could not wait" really works in the lyrics. Very sweet performance of guitars and vocals. You're right - it's never too early to start work on any album. Wink

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Delightful words and music - great collab! I love how the song is both happily lilting and bittersweet.