Trying to Move On

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Trying to Move On



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OK - see the first two songs posted here for "granular" liner notes, -- not gonna keep re-pasting it, (if interested).

Again, this/these is/are all going to be a one-take krappey cell phone recordings. Some may come from an Audacity upload, --pending how my Linux Mint 18.1 migration is going. Frankly, the phones as good or better +- :). Linux and Audacity seem to be getting along... so we'll see.

This one, again, -- came from watching an indie movie and rethinking their soundtrack... that's all I remember... Smile


(Slow or fast tempt, either works 60 – 100bpm)

^D s f#. [f# hold vocal note] v-s-d
Trying to move on..., in this life
Am s e
There’s, nothing to see
Em s e down to b-str
No, one to lie to
C s – c ^ F - f Am - e D - d / / / / [Front heavy]
No, one to be [** Down this road… ]

[^f#] [v]
Trying to move on…, in this life
I, want to be free
No, one to cry to
I, just can't see [**]

[flat modulation on d … … … ]
I want to move on…, thru this life
You, don’t need me [dynamics on need or me?]
To, put you thru here
C ////
I’ll, just let you be [**]

[^f#] [v]
I want to move on…, thru this life
I, just can't be here
s-e Em s-d[e]
So, far, so … clear [/C] F f Am e D s –d^ c-a-v]
You can come meet me… …, down this road [a g f# e d]


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Yeesh! Every now and again you have a song that really tugs heart strings deep inside. This has a bit of elusiveness to the lyrics in that you never really played pin down specifics. Yet, there is a intuitive identification of emotion that seems to me that carry over the specifics.

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My 300th comment here!
A lot of your songs have an edge to them, and I dig that. This one is softer, sweeter, yet just as powerful as your others. I like the reference to "this life" - could be that this is one of many we have, or this is the only one so make the most of it. Great tune.