Chip's Breakdown

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Chip's Breakdown



Liner Notes: 

I got pretty good at the banjo for a while, including performing with it. The last few years, I've really only played it for FAWM and 50/90 (and not at all for this year's FAWM).
So this one is me shaking off some rust. Felt good.
And yes, the banjo tracks are doubled. I played straight through 4 times and then did some blending.

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Great banjo dancing with that guitar. Happy feel. Love the sound!

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Having recorded my own bluegrass tune I clicked on the "bluegrass" tag to listen to what else was around and this was the first up. I usually associate bluegrass with a major key so it was interesting to hear something with a more melancholy vibe. Nice one.

Banjo action!

Good interplay with both, guitar sounds real good and the banjo to, it's a neat tune.

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I love that banjo part. Just got a banjo, but it's fretting out at the fifth fret on the highest string so....
This sounds good to my ears. And I'd not noticed the doubling if you hadn't said so. Which means you have better timing than me.

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A wonderful banjo tune you got here.
Sounds very mountain-y, but with a slightly sinister edge.
Well done!!