Woman in My Bed

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Woman in My Bed




Liner Notes: 

This evolved from a real-time collaboration. I loved the bluesy groove that Val jammed on and sang some lyrics on top of groove. Wrote a full lyric and sent it back to her so she could lay down this blues tune with her awesome vocals and music!


I've got a log cabin
on a clear mountain stream
near a waterfall where
I can go to dream

I've got a black vintage
off road topless jeep
so I can drive feeling the
hot sun and cool breeze

Some think I've got more
than any woman needs
But I can tell you, no,
I don't have everything....

Yes some say I'm greedy
others say I've lost my mind
But ...honey I'm still needy
I need a woman in my bed.....

Ohhh ...ohh... yah
I need a woman in my bed

I've got a little villa
in the south of Italy
a closet of silk shirts
and bags by Gucci

I've got a plush yacht
to cruise the seven seas
a bank account that trumps
Gates' or Winfrey's

Some think I've got more
than a woman can use
But I can tell you, no,
that it isn't true ....

Yes some say I'm greedy
others say I've lost my mind
But ...honey I'm still needy
I need a woman in my bed.....

Ohhh ...ohh... ya
I need a woman in my bed

I got some exotic oil
I got some bourbon on the rocks
I got a little device
That can shake off my socks
but ohh honey..
those are nothing
what I really need is
a woman for some loving....
ohhh yes... I need..ohhh oh I need
a woman... ohhh ... a woman...
for some loving .....
I need a woman in my bed
Oh yah
I need a woman in my bed

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Whoa! I am glad you made this into a complete song and oh what a song! Blues and grits:)

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Cool song. That outro, when you really let it rip is superb.

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Love this! Great lyrics set yo great music - such raunchy blues - my fav kind of music!

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Smoking. Down and dirty and sung with a real passion that's wholly appropriate to the steamy lyrical content. @Valerie Cox, I bet you're a barnstorming live performer!

Perfect blues groove, it fits the song so well! Well performed, well sang and indeed the ending is very good. Well emoted and burning with feel, nicely done overall!

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Very nice! Love me them rockin blues tunes. Well done. Loved the guitar tone, lyrics and delivery.

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yaaassss, women! Dirol this sounds so groovy and brilliant! love those lyrics, and seriously, if all those things still don't make you get a woman in your bed, I sure don't know what will. on top of that Val's voice is really all we need, right? Jammed to this!

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Perfect collaboration! - Val's considerable blues chops really make these lyrics shine!

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Woohooo for queer content! These lyrics flow so well and create such a great scene and Val brings it home with a brilliant translation. You two work well together!

owl's picture

(fans self) wooo sexy!
Awesome sultry gritty vocal delivery and arrangement.
I love the details in the lyrics and how it swings from setting to setting.

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Ooh, I'm loving the sultry guitars and vocals. The music kind of brings me back to some old blues (I'm thinking John Lee Hooker early years.) That lyric really lends itself well to this music. I like the structure. And it's cool to see how even villas in Italy aren't enough without... well, you know. The whole woman in the bed thing.

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Pretty rocking! BEDS FULL OF WOMEN is what we need!