The answer should be yes

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The answer should be yes


Liner Notes: 

Music for the verse is pretty much the same as in the chorus. I don't usually do this, but if the variation works by just making another vocal melody in the chorus... I'm quite happy.

This all started off while singing along "The answer should be yes". Despite the phrase sounding demanding, I went along with the idea, looking for questions to 'make' the girl in the song respond with a yes or no.

Any suggestions/ ideas to improve the song, anything.. I would want to hear it. Thanks!


Can you hear me calling your name?
I see pain in your lowering veils
Hidden treasures in hidden pain
How can you measure when all looks the same?

She said no when the answer should be yes
She said no when the answer should be yes

Can you hear me calling your name?
Is there something you gain from your pain?
Hidden treasures in hidden pain
How can I love you when all looks the same?

She said no when the answer should be yes
She said no when the answer should be yes

Can you hear me calling your name?
I see pain in your lowering veils (the answer should be yes)
Hidden treasures (the answer should be yes) in hidden pain
How can you measure (the answer should be yes) when all looks the same?

She said no when the answer should be yes
She said no when the answer should be yes
She said no when the answer should be yes
She said no when the answer should be yes

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I am happy you went with this idea because it is awesome! In come ways it sounds ancient, in other ways a sort of new sound. Good stuff Ferry!

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Swirling and mysterious, like there is so much history and story here, tantalizing and just out of sight. This has a mythic, almost epic feel, despite its restraint and intimacy. I quite liked how it all just flowed together so seamlessly, like a haze of music and dream; only the abrupt cut-off broke the mood (perhaps intentionally so!).

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I like the vocal effect adding depth to the melody and lyric. The musical interludes with the addictive melody is especially tasty to my ears.

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Ferry not a problem re chorus against verse chords etc as you have done the vocal with lyric is adequate to instill this is CHORUS in the listeners brain, it is very strong as a hook, sort of cliche without being one so works better than it reads, good work!

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Entrancing mix of keys, bass and spacey melody and atmosphere. I like the contrast lyrically between "no" and "yes" .... very clever. Reverby vocals quite trippy! Guitar and keyboard solos admirably restrained. The whole song is just packed with floaty melodies and atmosphere. Nice one!

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I like the gentle psychedelic sound of this one.
Impeccable production once again.
I enjoyed the simplicity here - I think the verse/chorus similarity works really well.
Great restrained guitar work.
Another winner, Ferry!!

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Lovely swirling psychedelic feel that makes me wish I was in my bean bag chair watching my lava lamp as a listened! As always your music is top notch and your vocal effects here are perfect. Wonderful feeling comes through in the lyric.

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The far away sound on the vocal goes perfect with the "can you hear me calling your name?" line. Dreamy and wistful.
"How can I love you when all looks the same?" hit me like a ton of bricks. This is totally me, but from the other perspective, damn...
I can hear a girl just singing a long "No" over the top of the guy. That could be an interesting addition.

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Happens to me from time to time with the chorus similar to verses. Yours works beautifully! Hauntingly beautiful song. Love your lyric, singing and playing. Brilliant song!

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Something very medieval, goddess about this. Another good one.

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I hate it when that happens Biggrin I've tried the "same verse & chorus" thing enough times to know it can be pretty tricky but it works great here. Loving the arrangement and sound in the very beginning, sounds beautiful. Cool song!

Great pronunciation of the 'no' - how it's drawn out like that. This song sounds like a dream soundtrack. It should be played when the girl is sleeping and unaware of it. Creeping into her subconscious. That line's my favorite in the song - glad you repeated it often. Smile

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Very cool groove to this, and I like the psychedelic swirl vocals. The chorus is cool, the whole idea of the song is there, and I didn't notice the music was the same until I read your description, so I think it works. If it was me I'd maybe mess around with changing the instrumentation slightly in the chorus? Different sound? More space? Less going on? Anyway, as it is I enjoyed listening.

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I love the chorus melody in this! The whole chorus is so catchy, I wouldn't have thought about the music being the same if you hadn't mentioned it--the lack of variation actually goes well with the psychedelic swirliness of the song. The whistly thereminy solo around 2:30 is really nice but I wish it was a little louder in the mix.

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Some great songs use the same chord progression the entire time (like A Horse With No Name), it's a great idea and you applied it skillfully!

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I like the hook. It has a nice flow to it and it's a good idea for a song! I like how the music kind of swirls around and is full of anticipation. Not knowing what question will come next...kept me wondering! Nice job!