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Liner Notes: 

Week 2 challenge: Write a song inspired by, asking for, or giving advice. I wanted a quiet chorus but somehow it demanded lots of guitars. Also the counting was difficult here and there.


am not your father
don't want to preach
don't write columns
in fancy magazines

still I need to get
something off my chest

let it go
let it go
put it behind you
break free and
move on move on

am not your teacher
don't write self-help books
am not a politician
campaigning for votes

still I need
something to say

let it go
put it behind you
break free and
move on move on

what is done is done
look to the future
you got to make do with what you got

don’t worry
it will be better soon
but don't expect

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


cindyrella's picture

Oh, this is great! I love the total turn around from soft advice to Let it Go! Great guitar too!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Great rythm and very cool take on the chorus. Love the soft and somewhat spacey voice. Great inensity

Ferry Colyer's picture

Cool how you put your vocals on top of the beat, it sounds...different sort of timing and it works. Catchy chorus starting right away is a big winner!

philmcmill's picture

Excellent! (as always) Love the beat, the chord progressions, strong chorus. Cool outro with the repeating voice over.

Marije's picture

What I dig is the "I am not XXX, but" hook. It works really well, Rob! And well, 'let it go' is almost always the right advice, at least when it comes to the things that keep my mind occupied. Thanks for this track!

musicsongwriter's picture

I can visualise your lyrics. Fantastic advice and delivery. Very interesting chords and instrumentations. Love your vocals and playing.