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Liner Notes: 

Kaste is Finnish and means 'Dew'.

This requires some more work, but it's a base for a possible future release.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very nice. Great and clear piano. Poignant feeling youve created. Im drawn in and want to stay in that soundly experience. fantasic piece! Thank you!

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Could almost hear my feet crunch on the grass early in the morning, but this is a memory of childhood, emotive and poignant work here

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Sounds great to my ears. I wonder what work you need to do on it. I can see this being used in film/tv scoring etc.,

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I misread your bio and thought you were participating in your 75th Fifty Ninety. Wow!!! Congratulations on being so old!! Smile

There's something so soothing about piano instrumentals, especially ones like this. Very emotional and evocative. As a musical know-nothing who can't play anything on the piano, I'm jealous. Seriously. I love the contemplative atmosphere you've created with this piece.

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Lovely. I was paying attention to what your left hand was doing - I need to incorporate more of that into my playing. Couldn't help but notice, of course, the melodic waterfall-like quality of the right hand too.

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As others have said, this is wonderfully meditative and melodic and creates a strong mood of contemplation- your piano playing is really good, too, expressive and varied.

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Wow! What a great moody piece. Wonderful tone on the piano. Nice, nice job!

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So beautiful and delicate. What a treat to listen to first thing this morning. I love the element of poignancy that enters as the mood begins to intensify.

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The piano cascades around so gently and peacefully. It sounds lovely....I get a contemplative feeling as I listen as if someone was making a decision about something. And it ends so softly, like a whisper. Well done!