Nothing for Granted

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Nothing for Granted



Liner Notes: 

This turned out more mellow than I thought it would. Some things I've been thinking about.

Life is weird, and difficult, and weird. The advice here is "don't take things for granted." Cliche, but sooo important.

Thanks for listening. Smile


struggling, echoing, can this life only be pain?
trying to stand above but everything feels the same
is there something I am missing that everyone else knows?
empathy shunning me

there's always someone out there has it worse than you do
always someone out there might not see the night through
maybe someone out there wishes they could be you
so live on and take nothing for granted

genuine care is work, social life is just a game
trying to stand above but not look down all the same
is there something I am missing that everyone else knows?



-chorus x2-

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Frances Smith's picture

This is really nice, the subdued vocals make it sound a bit like the Pet Shop Boys, which is great,and the accompaniments moves nicely through the song. Good stuff.

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Nice arrangement. You've got a pretty decent voice there. Nice job with that chorus! Jeez, I'm listening as I'm writing--liking it more and more. Great job!!

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Really like the mellow pad background in both the verse and chorus. You didn't need to add much more to the chorus to make it effective. Nicely done and good Week2 challenge.