4th of July in Utah

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4th of July in Utah



Liner Notes: 

I wrote this while visiting family in Utah. Living in a state that doesn't sell fireworks limits the amount of fireworks that occur. I was shocked to see how many people were launching aerial fireworks in their neighborhoods, before and after Independence Day.


1. It's the 4th of July in Utah
And firework stands are everywhere
You can buy just about any kind
And launch them all up in the air
When the sun sets in the valley
We pack up the barbecue
The little ones sit on the trampoline
And the men take that as their cue--

And the show starts:

C- Boom, pop, sizzle, wow!
All over the neighborhood
Boom, boom, whistle, pow!
Watch out for that car's hood!
Boom, pop, sizzle, wow!
All over the valley now
And the dogs cower in the corner
The baby wakes up from sleep
Sparks fly over the pasture
Scaring the horses and sheep

2. It's the 5th of July in Utah
Fireworks still are on sale
You can buy just about any kind:
Sparklers and large aerial...
When the sun sets in the valley
You'll start to hear the noise
It's 11:00 in the evening
But, look at the men and boys!


3. The 24th of July in Utah
Is an extra holiday
People dress like old times
The towns hold parades
There's three extra days for sparklers
For launching off fire in the air
To celebrate colonization
And Mormons everywhere!


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That Chorus is dangerous in its brilliantness of being catchy. Nice done mate.

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Ha the memory of youth here, fireworks were banned back when I was in my Teens and we even had the Mormons up the road!!!

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Oh I love this! All the sizzles and booms and such vivid images that I can relate to so well. Please let me know when you have music!

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you capture the joy of dangerous fun contrasted with its unpleasant side effects. a complex task to pull of and you did it well.

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This is delightful! The verses paint such a vivid picture, and I love the chorus. Smile Great musical energy, too, and your vocals are great.

I once spent 4th of July in Utah, where we watched a (legal) fireworks display. Your version is more entertaining. Smile

I also live in a state that doesn't allow sale of fireworks. It must've been amazing for you to see so many celebrating with them in their own homes during the holiday. The lyrics are so fun, but also remind us of some things. Definitely watch out for the car! Poor babies trying to sleep... You know - maybe it's a good thing that it's illegal here. Wonderful lyrics and music you've created here!

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Never been to Utah. Sounds like Florida as far as the love of fireworks. Ain't that America?
Great song - a well-told story sung and played with care and beauty.