And still we did nothing

And still we did nothing

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Liner Notes: 

The idea for this song started when i heard earlier today that (as stated in the lyric) a part of the Antarctic ice shelf the size of Delaware broke off into the sea in the last few days.

I only wrote two verses, and was trying to write a more optimistic third verse, but elected to go for a spoken-word segment to end it. if you do give this one a listen, it is fairly short, but listen to the very end or you'll miss the spoken word thing, which is very much part of the song..

edit 8/26- did a slight remix..


A chunk of ice the size of Delaware from Antarctica did fall
Not many talk about it, not getting much press at all
When the dinosaurs saw that meteor land
There were things happening they couldn’t understand
But we don’t have the same excuse
We know what’s happening we know the truth…. and still we do nothing

Of the 10 hottest years of the last hundred on earth, 8 or 9 were in the last decade
There’s no doubt or dispute at this point, that this warming is largely manmade
When our children’s children look at crops that fail,
Flooded cities & refugees on a large scale
They’ll ask the survivors what was your excuse
We knew what was happening we knew the truth… and still we did nothing

But indulge me just once in this desperate season
Vote for those who understand science and reason
Maybe instead of making things a thousand times worse
We can lift a tiny bit of this carbon climate curse

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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Wonderful and very meaningful performance which too many people take for granted. I Love the delivery of these very powerful lyrics.

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Delivered with conviction, the best of lyrics where they take and make a statement a written blurb can never do as well

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I love your facts in the second verse. Well, the adjusted facts, I guess.

But seriously, I think you did a good job with the subject in making it entertaining while still making a point. And the spoken word probably should start just a hair sooner after that last note, but I think it works here.

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I dig the groove here - some cool chord changes, too. As much as I love your songs (and you know I do), often I get angry and frustrated by the messages (with which I agree). I guess that's the point. Spoken word is horror movie ominous, which is appropriate.

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This is fantastic. intelligent, well thought out and the quirk of a spoken part. didn't listen to the music for this one, cos I'm having difficulty hearing some recordings etc and am trying to get through the IOUs of feedback. I really really do like this lyric, you've captured all the points of media blackouts and how the future generations will say to us "you did nothing" which is pretty true.

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Nice groove, excellent hook. I like the spoken part at end (maybe add some echo).

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i myself would have lifted a section of guitar track and reversed it over that spoken section, just to make it even more ominous. direct and to the point, informative and entertaining.

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Well, you didn't do nothing - you wrote a song about it! Smile The message is clear - I guess we'll have another 60s soon - let's hope the music is up to date