You Caught Me

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You Caught Me



Liner Notes: 

Written for the Auntie Sin challenge (more about that here:

Here’s my attempt at an antithesis to @AndyGetch's great song, “Freedom is Our Worship Word.” (You can find it here:

Musically, I tried to counter the heavy, dark, rhythmic effect Andy achieved by making make my music as light, airy, and cheerful as I could. Main instrument is ukulele with a syncopated fingerpicking pattern, with light shaker as percussion and some improvised flute fills added in. I also used some high vocal harmony to give extra lift.

I countered “freedom” with lyrics about someone who’s happy she’s been caught.

This is also my GYAWS song for the week.


You Caught Me
© 2017 - words and music by Sharon Stepler

I was a butterfly
Flitting from flower to flower
Ready to catch a ride on the breeze
No sweet-talking guy
Could get me under his power
I moved on whenever I pleased

Then you came along
Now I’m singing a different song

You caught me, you caught me
You lassoed me with your heartstrings
You caught me
And I’m so glad, I’m so glad

I liked to keep things light
I was always blowing bubbles
Love was a game I loved to play
We met on a summer night
And I really took a tumble
This wild heart was finally tamed

Now I’m satisfied
To stay right here by your side

You caught me, you caught me
You lassoed me with your heartstrings
You caught me
And I’m so glad, so glad

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Love your voice. Nice job on the lyrics. Ooh, the harmonies just came in. Really, really liking them--the whole arrangement. Keep up the good work!

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How delightful Sharon! From the start it is sort of magical and so sweet too!

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What a great response to the seed song of Auntie-Sin! I loved how you responded with a light and happy tone to the minor key and dark subject matter. I enjoyed your clear vocals contrasting to the almost muffled words that were half sung, half spoken in the other. And thank you so much for keeping the shakers to inspire my synthesis of the two!!! Great work!!!

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Ooh, nice. Flute is a pleasant addition. Musically, this is certainly anti of the Getch's thesis. Subtly so with the lyrics. His about a bitter loss of freedom where yours is a willing and joyous surrender. Good work. Thanks!

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Lovely antithesis in all respects! I love the happiness and beauty of the images and your music is so joyful and feeling!

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the delicate Uke and flute suit the lyrics so well. really like the concept of and joy in "you caught me" which also has such a playful melody, nice Anti to Andy's starting song. very pretty and sweet song, thanks for playing Smile

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Wow, just listened to Andy's song, don't know how you can come out of that and create such a sweet sounding song, love the vocals and flute, nice uke playing, such a pretty song.

Hey Sharon. I'm visiting this after completing mine in the aunty sin chain. This is a true anti song in every respect. It's so sweet and endearing in its own right. Well done!

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I'm not following the sins, but this came on the juke and I wanted you to know that I heard it and liked it.

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I'm listening to the chain in reverse. This is so light, airy, and happy. Thank you!

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So cheerful! Such the opposite of Andy's tune, you nailed the Anti-song concept. I love the charming bits of flute and the harmony vox in this. Clouds and cotton candy.