Black ink hole

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Black ink hole



Liner Notes: 

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OK - see the first two songs posted here for "granular" liner notes, -- not gonna keep re-pasting it, (if interested).

Again, this/these is/are all going to be a one-take krappey cell phone recordings. Some may come from an Audacity upload, --pending how my Linux Mint 18.1 migration is going. Frankly, the phones as good or better +- :).

So my song book notes:
This song came from, while watching some indie movie thinking I could do a better song, soundtrack than what was there. Not that it was not good, it was. I just thought, for what I was observing... this was possibly more fitting. That's all I remember about it, "where from, how, why of the song". I see allot of stuff and usually not mainstream, Sundance, Indie stuff, etc. I'd love to score a movie, (and get paid! Smile ) --since a coherent story, would be an album -- "Tommy can you hear me"? Smile LOL!

Additionally, as some know, no, Noe -- I will commingle words that sound one way but may not be the common meaning (and not my usual type poes Smile )

Therefore, -- when visualizing the song, I saw life as a bag of tiny eggs, "roe"... so many to go through, then done! Mind pictures...

And, since we come into life naked and go out the same, -- no pockets... no place to stow a gun either (Moms glad of that, ouch!) coming or going.

"Think stuff" came from, was -- preceded by "pink stuff"... brains, eggs, but might sound * rude to some if taken badly (different cultures hear words differently), so found "think"... I think it works visually too!

In that ilk, the second verse I toyed with: hoar (not hore, etc., --vocabs being what they are), then more and floor as the rhyme scheme. So, stayed with hole, tow and flow.

- AND, remember, I don't clean up my song lyrics from written performance notes, copy and paste/dump, --it's all commingled below, --figure it out! Smile


(Play G-chord with open B-str, need that “b” for vocal support)

Am s- e
Lifes a black ink hole …
Em s -e
No pistol to stow …
F s -f Am s -e G s –d. b [d-note to open B-Str on G-chord]
I sink on its roe... (Oh) slow

Got no use for the think stuff
I don't mean to sound to gruff
F Am G / / / / / /
I think it's just..., some little-kids left-over-stuff (on my heart…)

Lifes a black ink hole
No portion in tow
F Am G
just straight down..., no end flow

straight down, to no end
falling, falling now on the mend
F Am G / / / / / /
No one to catch, no need of a friend (what could they do…)

Am s-e
Lifes a black ink hole …
Em s-e
No pistol to stow … [d-note to open B-Str on G-chord]
F s-f Am / / G / / / /
I sink on its roe... (Oh) slow
F Am / / G / / / /
I sink on its roe... (Oh) slow
/Em v^^v v^^v F/ v^v C / v^v G / … ^d v-c v-b
I sink on its roe... … … (Oh) slow …

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This rolls along nicely, like the melody, it's interesting. Sounds good.

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I enjoyed this. Nice having the chords laid out. We should all be doing that, I suppose. You've got an interesting vocal--nice treatment for this song! Keep up the good work!!

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Very nicely executed, emotion wrought. This is so sad...makes my heart sink.

Yes, well, the movie, as per the liner note, --was more real life if I remember. I don't remember the actual movie though... if it was a real downer I would likely not have watched it. This was a mid-point moment in the movie if remember correctly. I like happy endings! Getting a song from it, certainly is!

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You have such a beautiful voice. Great performed and so soft guitarplay.
You remind me of an local rocksinger I loved so much. Your lyrics are very catchy!

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Love the title and general theme of the lyrics. Very clear production - it sounds like you're right in the room with me. Nice moody delivery!