Time to Impeach

Time to Impeach

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Liner Notes: 

After a number of non-political songs, I figured it was high time to get political again (which I hadn't done since about 4 or 5 songs ago, the first one here this year). Of course, some of your mileage may vary on this one, but I have a feeling many here if not most are in agreement that, as the 90 year old couple who wanted a divorce said to their attorney. 'enough is enough'!

edit 8/26- did a slight remastering (louder)


Just do this mental exercise, roll these facts around
If anyone else had done this, they’d have to step down
If Hillary or Obama had used help from the Russians
Impeachment would have happened, it wouldn’t just be discussions

If there’s one thing that history will teach
And it’s more then a figure of speech
When the trust of the nation’s been breached
Methinks that its time to impeach

A cavalcade of torches and a hangman’s noose
is the trump world response to the facts and to the truth
how many times can they turn their heads and not see
the stain that’s getting deeper in our democracy

If you are not convinced that we’re in dangerous waters
Then I feel sorry for your sons and your daughters
I could write a hundred verses of this song of woe
it wouldn’t scratch the surface of this horror show

If there’s one thing that history will teach
And it’s more then a figure of speech
When the trust of the nation’s been breached
Methinks that its time to impeach

© M. Skliar 2017

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Bravo! And right on. I have never witnessed anything like this-Watergate seems trivial to this. Good one!

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Great done, cool approach and very important source critique messages given here

You need to tour the country with this Mike, be our Johnny Appleseed of Truths!!

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"it wouldn’t scratch the surface of this horror show"

That totally sums it up, Mike! Most of us up here in Canada are absolutely disgusted by Trump and the antics of his people. It's beyond ridiculous at this point.

But anyway, I love the song. Great use of a basic C-rag chord progression (for part of the verses at least ... I suppose you might not have played it in C, actually ... just my acoustic blues guitar-obsessed brain chiming in here!). Very Dylanesque.

By the way, I finally saw Dylan in concert on July 12th. First time ever. He's been to Winnipeg many times, but for whatever reason, I've never gone. I was disappointed that he didn't play any guitar (I found out only afterwards that arthritis prevents his guitar-playing nowadays). But man, he's a much better pianist than I thought he was!

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Yeah it is! Great lyrics, especially Russians/discussions!

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(im)Preach! I love how happy sounding this is, with its deadly serious message. Protest songs are needed now more than ever.

expendable friend's picture

It *is* a horror show, isn't it? Seems like quite the spectacle from across the Atlantic. (Mind you, we're not doing brilliantly over here either.)

Anyway, yes!! Great song. Love the lead guitar line, especially.

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It certainly is time for the torches and pitchforks.

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

You make it sound so easy, but I'm not a fan of his successor (although at least he won't tweet us into WWIII).

tsunamidaily's picture

very direct, and groovy. you get your point made very concisely, but i just wish you could tell us how you REALLY feel....

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There's a little bit of John Denver or something happening here; maybe Buck Owens? Happy go lucky death of a nation fun time!

lowhum's picture

great presentation! time to eat the peach Lol

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Nice work! Your album is shaping up nicely, Mike!