Your Birthday Song

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Your Birthday Song



Liner Notes: 

My wife's birthday was Saturday - she went out of town Friday, so we celebrated early. But it just occurred to me today that I almost always write her a birthday song during 50/90.


Here is your birthday song, just a little late
And a promise that we will celebrate
We’ll share a sunset, and we’ll share our plan
To grow old together hand in hand

Here is your birthday song, wishing you we were here
Even more special than the one I wrote last year
Life is precious, life is fine
As time ages us like wine

So here’s another song for you, so much more to say
Maybe I’ll fill a notebook for you to find someday
So until you’re here with me, right where you belong
Here is your birthday song

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Aw, this is a nice lil' personal birthday song! Great sentiment.

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Very lovely. Nice and soft and very intimate. Nice to hear. Lovely vox

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this is very sweet.. sounds like an Elton John song in ways.. she is a lucky woman!

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Awwww...... Biggrin The feelings -- and your affection and love -- shine through loud and clear!