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plainwhitetoast - Relighting - 50/90 2017 instrumental morphing song

Liner Notes: 

This is a song I composed for the July instrumental morphing song challenge. It is based off of @sph's "Red White - Shining Light" [*21098].

I've been having trouble sitting down with my gear to get this properly recorded. I decided that rather than waste other people's time, I would just do a quick phone capture of it (quick, HA! Three takes and I was still messing it up. Oh well, this version had the fewest mistakes). I hope to get back to it and record a more fully-instrumented version at some point.

If you would prefer just audio in an mp3 of the song,

Till now, I had never done an instrumental morph. It was actually a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I used all of the same chords (or similar, probably simpler chords) as sph did, only I played them half as many times and combined the two main changes into one part. I decided that my 50% would be an intro and bridge ( a B part, really). I like the way the change works from the intro/bridge's D7 A into the sph influenced verse part, but I'm still not happy with the change going from the verse into the bridge. Really, I am mostly unhappy with the bridge. Since I haven't come up with anything better in two days, I'm going to let it stay.

One last bit of morphology is the title. I anagramed sph's 20 letter title and chose a 10 letter word (50%), "Delighting." That didn't fit with my mood, so I looked at the leftover letters and swapped out the 'd' for an 'r' to get "Relighting."

more info: What is a Morph Song?

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Great morph! Can hear the similar use of chord but has a very different feel. Great transformation!

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Listened to the song repeatedly to figure out how I would Morph it, then listened to SPH's song after I posted. I didn't hear the connection when I listened to his piece, but then I came back to yours and re-read the description, and I can clearly hear what you took and what you added. The additional sections are a great idea, and just listening now, without analyzing. It flows really well and works as a complete, separate piece. You have some weird turns in there, that threw me a bit when I was originally decoding the song, but again they work & flow as I sit here as just a listener.