Songs About Women

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Songs About Women



Liner Notes: 

I wanted to harmonize with myself. Trying to sound like the Oak Ridge Boys or something. Added a little Billy Payne-style piano for effect.
I think it's kinda fun. Will probably rehearse vox and lay down again.


Music and lyrics copyright 2017 Ed Smaron Music (ASCAP)
If you wanna bring beauty into this world
Don't write no music to impress a girl
Even if you think you're just being nice
Take a moment and listen to my advice

CH--Don't waste your time writing songs about women
Spend it on gambling and horses and beer
Don't waste your time writing songs about women
They'll just up and disappear

Women don't fall for no pretty rhymes
I got lost on that road least a dozen times
You got other ways you can try to entice
Don't be a sucker, listen to my advice


She may be pretty she may be sweet
She may like her steaks rare and her whisky neat
But if you think you're gonna roll those dice
Take a long deep breath and hear my advice


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A song about women advising you not to write songs about women. Love the irony!

Your harmonies and melody are pretty awesome. I love what you have done here.

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Biggrin . This sounds great, the chorus is hilarious, and I've no doubt it would be a tremendous crowd-favorite at the rowdy bar on a Saturday night. Top notch country that strikes a perfect winking attitude.