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Liner Notes: 

Powerstars: Well, since I enjoyed the collab we did last 50/90 so much, I decided to ask Andy if he wanted to collab again. He gave me this set of lyrics, and I immediatly wanted to do a punk song. I really like these lyrics, and I think the music I did to them works as well.

AndyGetch: The recording by Powerstars is exactly what I heard in my head!


Sitting here waiting
For you to tell me what to do
Its just frustrating
When I’m not trusted to judgement

So I’m contemplating
My next big bright bold move
Just anticipating
What I’ll do when we’re through....might just vent

Today it’s
Your indecision
Tunnel vision
Blurry vision

Just need
To own my power
As rules go sour
Smash the altar of
The dreams I’m after

Flourescents flicker
Sentenced to waiting in the hall
Argue and bicker
Till I’m ready to throw in the towel......just walk out

Repeat chorus twice

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Ah huh, you got that loud chorus pick-up down. Good tune, again your singing and the melodies work, though if I have to say something it sounds like you hold back a bit vocally, like you don't go for a louder projection you know. But you did well with these lyrics!

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I like the calm/quieter delivery running up against the full throttle chorus. The melody in the chorus works really well with the lyric.

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Love the mellow verses, then bam!, the chorus. Take that!
Sounds to me like he's made the decision, he just needs to own it and go for it. We can all relate to that, for sure!

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Man.. I have felt this way. you put it is a good way. Very powerful!

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The chorus hit me by surprise. Fun surprise! The realization we need to own our power is, well, empowering. Well done!