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Liner Notes: 

This is much delayed, after my speaker jack broke off in the audio port of my Mac mini.

This heralded the end for the mini, which was already crashing routinely and struggling, so I took the hint from the Universe and replaced it.

Of course, now the USB ports are USB 3 and so the keyboard can't be re-recorded until the adaptors arrive, but I had the original rough piano demo, so I have whacked some vocals over the top. Here is my FIRST 50/90 SONG of 2017!!!

Some minor timing issues I'd like to sort out and obviously a decent vocal mix, but this will certainly do, now to get caught up on the rest!!!


Where did the roses go,
They used to grow in your heart
So beautiful and red like blood
The trees dropped their leaves,
Now they're bare and diseased in the dark
There's nothing here for us any more
No no no no
There's nothing here for us any more

Time moves on, so do we
Like the seasons, like the sea
And I try to forget
The look in your eyes, the taste of regret
Cause there's no turning back now
No, it's too late now

Who let the winter in
Icy and frozen inside,
so bittersweet and blue like pain
The sun went away
With no reason to stay in the sky
We didn't have time for goodbye
No no no no
We didn't have time for goodbye


Now my coffee is cold and I feel so old
And I'm tired of starting again
I'll find my way home, but I'll do it alone,
I'm too tired of starting again
So tired of starting again


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Wow this sounds great! I like the descending part at "Cause there's no turning back now", and the lyrics are great too Smile

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The change-up on the chorus is really powerful - really makes you sit up and listen. Great start to 50/90!

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Gorgeous and emotional and powerful -- the surge into the chorus just swept me away. Your vocals are beautiful as always -- whatever you may think of the mix -- and the piano has so much regret and resolute determination and dark, swirling passion behind it it's breathtaking.

Lovely lyrics and vocals - well done!

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The trees dropped their leaves,
Now they're bare and diseased in the dark

Great phrasing on these lines, what a nice melody, love the chorus. Wonderful song, so nice to hear you again!

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What a beautiful melody. And I like the sound of the keyboard. The playing is good. I'm glad you got the computer sorted, though sorry you had to spend money to do it. But I'm super glad I got to hear this. A very good start to your 50/90.