A Vampire Child is Born

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A Vampire Child is Born



Liner Notes: 

Nothing artful about this, just posting it because I did it, and need to get to 50. A couple more weeks and I will be able to record guitar again! Anyway, I have come to think of these "orchestral" things as bits and pieces of movie scores. You are exceedingly kind to have spent time reading this, and even kinder to have listened to even a few seconds of the music.


There are some, but they are in a language only vampires can understand, or even see when it is written, so if you can't see them here, you may be comforted to know that you are not a vampire, yet.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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So glad to know I'm not a vampire yet. That's a huge weight off my shoulders. Smile This sounds much less dark than I thought it would from the title. It's rather uplifting. But I guess vampire or not, the birth of a child is a many splendored thing. This is really well orchestrated. I like the classic sound. Strings all work together very well.

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Fantastic song. Its as if you can see the glimmering skin of the little new vampire awakens

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This was fun. I was half-expecting a Christmas-like motif. This is better. Smile

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This is glorious music to welcome the baby vampire into this world! So vulnerable but...only for a while! As I listen to this I can close my eyes and "see" the whole scene unfold. I can see it make its entrance and...it is beautiful! And the lyrics tell this so very well! Obviously carefully crafted and structured in just the right way. So full of meaning for those who understand!

Really pretty song! Enjoyed my listen!

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Well, damn. Guess I'm a creature of the night. This is not shocking news, I am sure.
Needs some low end.
Ahhhhhh, there it is. Wink
You should quit your day job.
Chimes to ring in the new child. Perfect.

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This is pretty nice. Simple and effective orchestration. Love the change-ups of the bass coming in and the chimes at the end. Smile

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Ooh, very soundtrack-y.
Pretty ominous sounding, especially with that title.
Reminds me a bit of Phillip Glass somehow.
This doesn't sound like an ordinary vampire baby, more like a baby born in to the High Royal Court of Vampires.

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I totally dig your movie soundtrack style stuff! Beautiful and full arrangements, very well written!