An old pirate on the ocean (skirmish)

An old pirate on the ocean (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

This is my late entry of a so-called 'skirmish'- which is where someone supplies a title or central idea (in this case, water, the ocean etc) and everyone has an hour to write and record something using that title or concept. I didn't see the sunday skirmish thread until about 11 pm, and wrote and recorded this (most of the time was in the writing of the lyric) in about an hour and ten minutes... fun, silly, and maybe there's some metaphor about growing older, but who knows, maybe its just about being an old pirate!
what's a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet?

R (arrrgh! ) !



Sailing on the ocean, just going thru the motions
I’m just a pirate long past his era
Where once were Spanish galleons, it’s now cruise lines run by Italians
On the whole I’d rather be on firma terra

Sailing on this vessel, I feel like Georgie Jessel
No one’s heard of me in 50 years or more
My crew has all retired, my parrot’s even tired
He sits on my shoulder and he snores

A pirate’s life is no life for an old man who’s feeling queasy
No yo ho ho’s, no bottle of rum, it just is not that easy

Sailing on the ocean, I could use more suntan lotion
And the weather it is damp all the time
And the wi-fi’s non-existent, the dry cleaners is too distant
It’s the wettest way to have a life of crime

Sailing on the sea form it ain’t no place to call home
And the health plan has a very hi co-pay
A pirate’s no ambition, almost as bad as a musician
Tho its better then schlepping amps on the subway

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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I love the gentle jangle here - groovy and soothing. Fun, clever, self-deprecating and wise lyrics. I always love how I can imagine you smiling as you sing certain songs of yours like this one.

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Hilarious and you made me burst by this line "A pirate’s no ambition, almost as bad as a musician". Great written, funny delivery!

Fun song, I like the idea of a washed up pirate. The music fits that as well, this song has a nice sway to it. Amusing lyrics to, good listen!

George Jessel - now, that is an amazing reference. Fabulous ending! Smile

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I hear ya Brother! Well crafted lyric that sticks to the subject. Some good lines here. From another old pirate.

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Creative, smart and hilarious take on our skirmish! I love it!

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This made me chuckle, I'm a good fan of pirate songs, but the has-been pirate is so much more entertaining! Well crafted work, and very entertaining Smile

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Yeah, this is well wrought. I like that lyric and your melody and delivery work very well. This was an easy one to listen to. A good one.