What you believe

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What you believe



Liner Notes: 

Lyrics so far are the hard part this year. Very tough coming up with anything usable. This started out as a bassline by itself, and I built it up with lots of spacey reverb, some synthy parts, and a slide guitar. Not sure about this one, the lyrics are quick and meaningless.

The lyrics are advice, take them as you will.


on this day
there are two things
not to give away

earth below
air you breath
hold on to
what you believe

there are things
a thing or two
you must hold
hold on to

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Sounds super cool, and the words aren't that bad. I've heard far more meaningless stuff on big selling albums.

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Nothing wrong with those lyrics. Great music, nice dreamt creation you have done here with the music.

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Glad to hear you on here for 50/90.

Kind of reminds me of Dire Straits Sultans of Swing on the intro, but diverges from there. Super echoey reverb, experimental tonescape. Feels like filling up a large hall with sound. Interesting guitar riff around 2:40 with the delay. Everything fits together nicely, the toms and shaker hold it all together throughout. Definitely critical keep our lungs filled with air and ground under our feet.

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That booming bass and the swelling cymbals really set the mood; this is a very cool dose of space rock. Trippy stuff!

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Excellent advice, if you ask me. There's beauty in simplicity. We make life so complicated, don't we?
Do you need anything more than bass?! Unlikely. I dig it throughout. Smile

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You create quite an atmosphere here.
Really dreamy but with a slight edge.
I really like the tension between the different tracks - they all work together while at the same time not working together, if you get my meaning.
Oh yes I sure liked this a lot.

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Well, I like the lyrics - direct and poetic. Really, really cool washes of sound. I'm digging this in headphones.
Decided to go back and listen to some of my favorite folks' early songs I missed.