Tossed By The Sea

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Tossed By The Sea




Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt "The Sea". Entering this skirmish late. Spent a little over an hour, need to re-record but getting the ideas down. Inspired by The Who album Quadrophenia and the time that I lived and spent on the beach.


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Tossed By The Sea

Is it me tossed by the sea?

Verse 1
Visiting Frank near Atlantic City
No amusement in this family
Arcade towers over the sea
Knocked back by the cold ocean breeze

From Brighton to Fort Myers Beach
Waves pushed by earths rotation
pulled by moons gravity
Enharmonic frequency

Verse 2
Times Square Fort Myers Beach
Cars, pinball and air hockey
Not much there from girls in bikinis
Feeling like Jimmy in Quadrophenia


Wanna be an engineer just like Frank used to be
Riding the 5:15 home in New Jersey
Sleeping waiting for love to rain on me
Fighting emotions of insane degrees
Keeping away from Dr. Jimmy

Verse 3
From Brighton to Fort Myers Beach
From Brighton to Fort Myers Beach
I stand on the 7th floor lean over the rail
Contemplating if I’d had enough

Repeat Intro

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Acousticmaddie's picture

I like the spooky approach with the echoy sound and energic guitar. Nice job

Chip Withrow's picture

I love the guitar tone and chord progression. Inventive and creative guitar playing - I do indeed here some Pete Townshend influence. I think you told me you were once a beach guy.

mike skliar's picture

i certainly pick up on some of the many 'quadrophenia' references.... interesting--- and neat recording with that echo and all!

Fuzzy's picture

I really like the doubled vox; a great effect.
Nice guitar tone.
Sounds like a touch of phasing in there, too.
You have done a lot with just vox and a guitar.
Great job!!

Unkept's picture

I felt like I was being tossed back and forth by the music. I like the location and culture references! Cool.

Frances Smith's picture

Love this. The narrator voice is really effective, and as his slightly random thoughts keep emerging, they are like waves too, and it just adds perfectly to the sense of what the song is about. Very well done.