Puddle in the Driveway

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Puddle in the Driveway




Liner Notes: 

The sea - great prompt! As I looked out my window, I could see the usual puddle that had formed from our usual afternoon rain.


Time passes by, how soon we forget
Drought in the spring and now soaking wet
Puddle in the driveway down by the road
Is a sea to a lizard, a snake, or a toad

Cool breeze follows heat, sun follows rain
Don’t understand folks who complain
I always get dry when I’ve been rained upon
Puddle in the driveway – there, then it’s gone

I’d rather garden in rain than in sun
Even the weeding is sort of fun
I save water in barrels because by the fall
Puddle in the driveway won’t be there at all

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I like the idea for this one! Nice little song. I like the "sea for a lizard" lyric, that's actually a cool way to think of it. Good one!

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Love the amphibian imagery! Creative take on this one.

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Nice country waltz. I don't garden in the rain but I do have a persistent puddle in my driveway too. Good twist on the prompt.

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Cool take on skirmish. We too often have a puddle in our driveway. Loving your singing and playing Chip.

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Totally love the slant you took on the prompt. Seeing your title immediately brought to mind another of your puddle songs, and it was fun to find out how this one is different (i.e., not about splashing through it). You have such a positive mindset and an expansive perspective (to include the toads!). I feel very cheered up!

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Very clever lyric. Nice soft guitar and very soothing vocal delivery.

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oh, this was a wonderful listen. The guitar caught me at first, then your vocal (which sounds great here) and then listening to the lyric with that great image makes it really feels solid. I really enjoyed listening.