Sing Your Woes

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Sing Your Woes



Liner Notes: 

This song is an example of how my brain (perhaps yours, too) works during 50/90. I was writing a bluegrass instrumental in E minor, and I took a detour to discover the E minor riff for this song. After writing this one, I came across a lyric that I like by someone else so I set it to music, too. Then I recorded both. Now I'm waiting for the skirmish that starts in less than 10 minutes.


Listen up, I got news
If you want to sing the blues
Deep in debt or a bad breakup
Kind of stuff you can’t make up
You can sing all day long
sing your woes to this here song

A song just for miserable folks
Who been the butt of cosmic jokes
Teenage son stole all your beer
Go ahead – insert your own tragedy here
Anything that’s done you wrong
Sing your woes to this here song

Leaky roof, clogged sewer line
Insert your mishap in this line
You’re dog bit the neighbor now he’s gonna sue
Whatever’s pouring down on you

I gots just the song for youse
If you want to sing the blues
Lost your job, your car won’t start
Turn your misfortune into art
A way for losers to belong
Sing your woes to this here song
We can sing ‘em all night long
Sing your woes to this here song

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Well my brain lives its own liveduring 5090 as it did during FAWM. Totally uncontrollable and always in writing mode.
Great song, nice work with the guitar, like the pulse in this one and the claps makes it come closer.Great lick, Solid delivery

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I love this! I love the sort of fill in the blank feel of this. The attitude is fantastic. I would enjoy hearing this live any night of the week!

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Fun and lively with a great riff complementing the lyric well done

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There are times in 50/90 I feel my brain has turned to mush (which, to be fair, may be an improvement in certain instances) but I definitely sympathize with your need to create and almost lack of control of what comes pouring out. I like that guitar riff and the vocal inflection. This is was an easy song to listen to tonight.