Pantless Thundergoose

Pantless Thundergoose

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Ooooooh, got me rockin' in my chair. Smile Really loving the build-up in intensity as it moves along.

Wonderful title too. Wink

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DD breaks out the funk! Very tasty bass. I approve - but that final fade happens *way* too soon.

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what a wonderful name for a song. 00:56 - whoah!!! frickin' sweeeeet!

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Your title made me look Smile Really cool song and somehow it created a vivid picture of hunting something among the stars and clouds. Nice done

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Whoa! I was totally NOT expecting this motherfunker to come out the get like this. Brother, I'm making the "funk-face" like several times over! Wow!! This, sir, is why I still consider you the master!! Music 2

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@cts is not the only one in awe of your composition, arranging and performance skills.

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Great title and really funky bass! The keys give it an eerie, outer-space feel, and I love when the bass starts popping ... the clavinet is a nice touch ... it's an instrument we rarely hear from anymore and pretty much screams "funk." Impressed!