Seems Like a Good Idea at 3AM

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Seems Like a Good Idea at 3AM


Liner Notes: 

I woke up in the middle of the night and did freewriting, then a bit of editing. Not sure if I'll put this to music, maybe later. Instead this starts the July lyrics-only morph.


Seems Like a Good Idea at 3AM

Seems like a good idea at 3AM
When I wake up and you’re gone again
Monkey mind won’t go back to sleep
Imagining merges casual acquaintances with models in magazines
Feeling good for five minutes then hours like a creep
For fantasizing what could be
Not thinking of consequences, friends or family
What they would do if my world no longer had you

Not thinking of a permanent separation
Imagining our lawyers in negotiations
Over who gets the house and who gets the chattel
We collected in 25 years of love and struggle

Or worse dealing with funeral arrangements
Dozens of of phone calls breaking the news
Writing a five minute eulogy about you
Then executing a will distributing worldly possessions

No my limbic brain cave doesn’t consider consequences
Instead it translates survival into mating dances
To spreading human seeds
No responsibilities just primal needs
No consideration of starting all over again
Learning the deep and dark emotions of a new companion
The quirks, habits and idiosynchracies
Keeping secrets from these fantasies

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Very honest lyrics here. I'm impressed. I love the language too. "The quirks, habits and idiosynchracies
Keeping secrets from these fantasies." Love it.

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I've been thinking about 'Right Speech' lately. This lyric seems to examine if there is such a thing as 'Right Fantasizing' and it's an excellent question that I'm not clear on. Very thoughtful and well expressed version of turning this stone over for us to look along with you.

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Wow very nice done in the middle of the night. Creative lyrics, I really love this line "Monkey mind won’t go back to sleep" its a typicall picture of 3 o ä'clock anxiety painted with just a few words

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OK @AndyGetch I'm on it tomorrow morning !!

SOrry for the delay, but I'm been very unwell the last week or so....

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My internet was spotty for three days, so now that I can comment why not start with my favorite 5090er? (Well, besides me.)
So this is the one you were talking about at the market - the idea you might not finish. I hope you set this one to music. Excellent images and examples of monkey mind and letting anxiety take hold.

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Pretty great lyrics. Quite a lot of things happen in the mind at that time. Nice capture of it, and hope you can put it to music.

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Well this is complex and deep.... love the images and the angst and optimism that is contained with in. Amanda morphed it and then I morphed her version. It was gone from complex and deep to loving and sweet. *22003

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A lotta big words in here. You didn't happen to eat a dictionary before going to be that night? No wonder you had indigestion at 3am LOL
For me 3am is = need to pee, need to pee, watch out for the cat, need to pee Wink

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Some of the best ideas come to us in the middle of the night. This lyric is proff of that. Well done!