All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)

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All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)

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This one started life as a love song a few days ago but turned a bit dark! It has a bit of a southern rock vibe but I threw in some fiddle/violin to keep it a little bit country!


All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
July 9, 2017

every time I see you
I go out of my mind
can't stop believing
that one day you'll be mine
all I wanna do
is be with you

when the stars shine in the heavens
they remind me of you
I can see your beauty
so I have to pursue
all I wanna do
is be with you

lightning and thunder
exploding inside my head
to see you walk away from me
fills my eyes with red
so I slip into an armchair
and light another cigarette
but when I gaze into the mirror
all I see is just a silhouette

when I see you turn the corner
I step into the light
your face reflects my madness
and it brightens my night
all I wanna do
is be with you

you turn to leave the alley
so I grab for your arm
why can't you see
that I don't mean you no harm
all I wanna do
is be with you

lightning and thunder
exploding inside my head
when you raise your arm and fire
it turns my blue shirt red
as I slip into the darkness
I wish I had another cigarette
and when I try to gaze upon you
I see nothing but a silhouette

© 2017 John Staples

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Ianuarius's picture

Man, the violin is great!

Reminds me of some Paul Gilbert. Biggrin That is great!

Stalker songs are always fun. People don't understand stalkers. You're bringing light to an important issue!

Awesome as always. Smile

atitlan's picture

Like the blend of violin and guitar in the intro. This rocks away nicely and the chorus lift is super-effective.

Arthur Rossi's picture

A really lovely love-song on the darker side... You dealt with the topic very intensely and the words reflect the stalker´s emotional aspect impressively. The violin is such a great detail here!

writeandwrong's picture

John, I absolutely love this! And I have a local friend who plays fiddle to rock songs and works out quite well. This turned out amazing and definitely...geesh... I don't know if it's my new absolute favorite or if it comes in a close second, but this is well written and performed and great topic that I'm sure many can relate to with a crush you just "have to have" even tho in the end, well... lol Awesomeness!! Get it on the radio! Smile

cindyrella's picture

Oh yes that fiddle is top notch! This is priceless John! Great one!

katpiercemusic's picture

Damn! That's some good story telling and songwriting. I love the ending! Definitely took a dark turn.

kahlo2013's picture

Darkly delicious desire that crosses an edge! Great uptempo country pop feel and wonderful evolution of the story. As always your vocals and musical sensibility are absolutely superb!!! Brilliant!

artyredsocks's picture

This is the joy of songwriting when lyrics turn you to your non beige side!
like the playing in this one

Acousticmaddie's picture

Very Nice I Love the mix of instruments and Thats a very cool ending on the story!

tcelliott's picture

I like the slight southern feel to your rock. It's almost, almost southern rock, but all good. I enjoyed listening to this one as well. So you're 3/3 today and batting 1.000

Joy's picture

Love the lyrics and the dark vibe!

Yeah, digging the country rock vibe here. Yeah I see what you mean... this song is a journey from love song to something else a bit darker, almost unrequited frustration.

ChariotBaldwin's picture

First impression is that is a smidgen possessive of the singer and creepy, especially the alley bit.
Second impression with the music is that it does work really well, but i still feels stalky
Regardless of how I feel about the song, its a great piece of work and that chorus is badass with lightning and thunder etc
I do like your rock work, you have a good feel what what makes a rock song great. thumbs up in a scared kinda way LOL

reklov's picture

Very straightforward country rocker. Good production, very well sung!

MichaelEpic's picture

Honestly, as soon as I heard it I thought "Am I watching Nashville?" (Tv show) because it sounded that good to me! I was blown away by this! The lyrics are so well written and the guitar work is outstanding! That riff in the background is addictive and when you gaze into the mirror all you see is a silhouette of awesome! Extra dank tune my friend, I'm so impressed I barely know what to do with myself! Legit! This is crazy good man!

iHelen's picture

Aside from the creepiness of the lyrics (because it reminds me of things), the music quality is excellent. Well it probably isn't so scary to other people. The violin is a nice break in the atmosphere - adds an uplifting effect. Suppose it can foreshadow the 'brightening' of the person's mood in the next section. Great performance of vocals and instruments throughout. Smile

siebass's picture

Nice beat on the 1 and 3s, I really am glad you put the fiddle in there, it's a nice accent. The hard panning you were talking about in the forums really works to give the space you need for the lead guitar vs the rhythm. Definitely more towards rock, like Dire Straits, but keeps a bit of the twang. I enjoyed the chord change on the word "silhouette". Great vocals support the track, well balanced on the mix. Lyrics definitely took a dark turn from a love song to a dangerous love song, but that keeps things interesting and engaging, for sure. Nice work!

barbara's picture

Whoa! You can really rock! I like the chorus chord progression a lot, too; not very typical to my ear, and gives more weight to the dark theme.

Having read this lyric through before listening, I was really struck by these lines in particular: "your face reflects my madness / and it brightens my night" and "it turns my blue shirt red". Such fantastic visuals! They didn't have quite as much impact on me when they flowed by, embedded in the music, but that is some most excellent writing!