Three Course Special

Three Course Special

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she said, happy anniversary baby
it's been thirty-three years
it's time we do something special
to celebrate our love, dear

she said I will take you to dinner
I found a new restaurant online
they have a three course special
I said, thanks that'll be fine

a three course special
made me dream of France
where we honeymooned
and enjoyed romance

three courses are all we need
to make this night special
very special indeed

so we got in the old Subaru
after the dog went out to pee
we drove to a small town
on scenic highway twenty three

we pulled into the parking lot
in the only spot that was left
feeling gallant on this night
I said I'd cover the check

a three course special
conjured up candlelight
flowers on small tables
violins through the night

three courses are all we need
to make this night special
very special indeed

we walked up cement steps
through an old oak door to get in
a sign posted there read
welcome to Tom's Ten Pin

we heard a commotion
though it was too crowded to see
it seemed from the sounds
we were in a bowling alley

the three course special
was handwritten on a sign
a beer, burger and bowling
only nine ninety nine

three courses weren't as I thought
sadly I got bowling shoes
and found a ball

in the shoes a card read
I love you more each day
nothing could be more special
than just time with you today

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Awww, sweet and perfect for this week's challenge. Nice flow of lyrics, rhythm and rhyme! Enjoyed the read! Smile

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Well it's not classically romantic, but it's very sweet!

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Wonderful way with words! I love the way you told this story.

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quirky, funny, nice twist there, i was almost expecting a description of the french meal LOL - very descriptive writing and I could see so many images in my mind as I read the words.