Birthday Tea

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Birthday Tea



Birthday Tea

Liner Notes: 

Today is my birthday. I wrote this this morning and then recorded when I could between errands and having some friends over. I think I might go back and work on this one later. It's rough, but I kind of like it.


Birthday Tea

It’s my birthday and you know what that means
Fancy hats and clotted cream
Throwing back cups of Darling G
Rocking a proper English tea

Scones stacked to the sky
Tiny sandwiches, but we get by
Cubes of sugar that we apply to
Porcelain cups. We’re anglophied!

Kickin’ it with my blue haired ladies
My dress is sensible and covered with daisies
We look sweet, but we’re gonna get crazy
Spiking our brew with a little Bailey’s

Sartorially we go the extra mile
My cameo is dope, check my profile
A change of pace and a new textile
Huh! Going gingham style

I’ve discovered the meaning of our existence
Choose the path of least resistence
A lot of whimsy. A spot of common sense,
A pot of tea for your subsistence

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Sounds like a busy day, scones stacked to the sky and a song done! Good job. Love the muted trumpet, nice punctuation for the other parts. Gingham style, Ha!

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Well, this one has a bit of everything! Smile Some classic, vintage sounds like a strummed banjo? And the muted trumpet certainly kicks this up a notch or two! The lyrics describe a quite hifalutin affair! In another era, perhaps! And the cherry on top? HIP HOP! Nicely done Katie! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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First of all, Happy birthday! Smile I love the antiquity feel in this song with the matching teapots in the video. Excellent work, and seems like your birthday is off to a fantastic start!

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Well you gave me a gift on your birthday (or the day after.) A big smile. I loved this. It reminds me of the Asylum Street Spankers.

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Fun song. Love that whimsical vintage swingy feel. Is that a banjolele?

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Yup, I get it. Works nicely. I could see others wanting, using a song like this, an occasion song. I could back a product, -- commercial use... like for Domino's sugar. Everyone knows sugar makes all things good, better!

OK, happy birthday! Many more with all good music for you!

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gingham style is hilarious! found this amusing as a brit and i love the happy mix of yeah vintage is a good word. i could hear 20's -60's and even that 21st century gingham style reference. has a lot going on in a compact and punchy song. happy belated birthday, what a great way to spend it and now you have a song for a self-present

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Man, this is totally cool. 1920s jazz trumpet, and I'm digging that bass drum and ukulele backing.
These ladies of yours are real sophisticated society, and your rap is a cucumber sandwich of classy vocal entertainment.
Seriously good!

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Ha! Great trumpet stylings (a bit o' sweet georgia brown in there?), and a completely entertaining B-day song!! So good!

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I listened to this a few days ago and was reminded of a vaguely remembered chaphop track about tea. Today I noticed Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer and Professor Elemental in you influences list and this song makes so much more sense. You've managed to blend a bit of 20s jazz with the chaphop rap style - very nicely done.

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Happy birthday (belated). Catchy tune, love the muted trumpet and the rhythmic delivery of the lyrics.