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Liner Notes: 

First song of this 50/90 using the instrument in my profile picture. Also the first time I've used it as a main instrument. Lyrics are a stringing together of some mindfulness thoughts I've had lately.


Lost at sea mind
Too much TV mind
Find the key mind
Free mind

Let it be mind
Climb a tree mind
We can agree mind
Free mind

Wait and see mind
Live presently mind
Honeybee mind
Free mind

Philosophy mind
Inhale to three mind
Exhale from three mind
Free mind

Friendly mind
There is no me mind
Do your laundry mind
Free mind

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The slide sound great. I like following the lyric, my mind is intrigued by the sequence of ideas.

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Those glissandos really do evoke a contemplative mood. And what lovely combination of mental states - although I think the one I would struggle with most would be the "Do your laundry mind." :-0

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Cool use of one word in a great rythm accompanied with awesome use of guitar. Nice done

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I like the structure in this - the consistent rhyme scheme is really meditative. The slide guitar almost evokes a sitar to me in this. Interesting one!

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I do very much enjoy that slide guitar, it's just so expressive. It can be so hard to reign in your wandering mind sometimes, and this seems like an exercise for accepting the wandering thoughts and moving on to mindfulness. The collection of thoughts was quite enjoyable and telling. Particularly "Do your laundry" mind, ha.