the Most Vulnerable

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the Most Vulnerable


Liner Notes: 

Would love a music/vocal collaborator

Thanks for considering


illusions of justice
missing truths
bizarre laws and
broken systems
from absurd
to obtuse

and the rich get richer
while the poor stay poor
and the most vulnerable
can't afford health care

collusions of power
outright lies
self interests and
ethics conflicts
from scandals
to large bribes

and the strong get stronger
while the weak stay weak
and the most vulnerable
can't afford housing
food to eat

delusions of grandeur
pompous jerk
vile threats and
pointed fingers
from toxic
to berserk

and the free get freer
while the stuck stay stuck
and the most vulnerable
can't afford anything they
need or want

rich strong free
poor weak lost
we must be one society

(Illusions collisions delusions)

rich strong free
poor weak lost
we need more humanity

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Well-written! Oh, somehow I could hear Val Cox's powerful vocals doing this wonderful lyric justice! Please let me know if this gets set to music - so much timely truth in this one!

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Nicely done, ain't it the truth. Excellent structure. My OCD kicking in, wonder if there could be another comparison rather than "free/lost" (not opposites like the others. Maybe something like free/enslaved or entitled/oppressed, i don't know).

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Took me awhile to come up with a one syllable antonym for free that I liked - lost was a place holder as I was at a loss - but stuck stuck!

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this is a wonderful song ... so relevant ... it's really a shame that these type of songs still need to be written ... but we're fortunate to have lyricists like you to write them ... excellent excellent job