She Paints Fairies and Cats

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She Paints Fairies and Cats




Liner Notes: 

A cross-pollination between a song prompt in a Facebook writing group, a skirmish, and a challenge to use a 12-string guitar. Inspired by art in my house.


She Paints Fairies and Cats

[C(D)] [F(G)] [G(A)] [C(D)] [F(G)] [G(A)] [F(G)] [G(A)] [C(D)]

Verse 1
[C(D)] She paints fairies and cats, in [F(G)] yellow, blue and [G(A)] green
Pigs, cows and chickens
[C(D)] Matisse inspired scenes [F(G)][G(A)]
[F(G)]] She [G(A)] paints [C(D)] fairies

[F(G)] When the fairy sings, the [G(A)] naturals and [F#/G(G#/A)] flats
[F(G)] When the bell rings, [G(A)] curiosity stills the cat

Verse 2
[C(D)] She paints magical fishes [F(G)] floating medi- [G(A)] -tation
Advocates for being vegan
[C(D)] She inspires [F(G)] me [G(A)]
[F(G)] She [G(A)] paints [C(D)] fairies

Repeat chorus

Repeat Verse 1

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My favorite song title so far this 50/90! The lyrics are so evocative, and the chorus is awesome. Great skirmishing!

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Fun fairy song! very inventing, and I like the line about curiosity "stills" the cat. Nicely skirmished.

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Clever chorus lyrics and the chords to go with it. Nice! Beautiful picking as well. That 12 string is gorgeous! Smile

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What I'm learning from different takes on the fairies theme, and this is not exception, is simplicity and more string instruments. I'm very shy about my guitar playing (cuz it sucks) but I do believe if I had charted my song, it could have been fleshed out better in one take (the multi-tracking could come later). I like how your song has a nice calm, serene inquisitiveness feel. I will consider this more during 5090.

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You took on a lot of challenges with this one song! I like the sound of your 12 string. Smile Great work on getting this all accomplished for the skirmish!

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oh what a dreamy delivery. Nice and soft taking us gently torugh the fairy tale:) Great job mate

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I like the relaxed feeling of this. It gives me time to gaze, in my imagination, at the scenes you are evoking. Softness to the vocal and beautiful tone from the guitar. I am left with a lot of colors in my mind! Thanks!!

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I really love the Prine-ian way you described her by mostly coloring around her rather than filling in all the details or editorializing. It's wonderfully intriguing!

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Definitely a very nice song. I hear the simple lyrics, the chord progression that is easy on the ear, also in the chorus. And the bright guitar strings sound very pleasing.

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What a sweet story. Smile Very nicely played and sung. I love the tenderness.

TomS's picture

Gorgeous. Lyrically wonderful. I totally smiled through this, in fact, no kidding. Smile What exactly is going on the with "naturals and flats" chords? I can't quite parse it. Very effective.

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hey @TomS the 12 string is tuned down a full step. I slid the A-shape (sounds like a G) on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th strings from the second fret to the first fret, so the notes are G-Db-Gb-Bb-D, I don't know the name for it so I called it F#/G.

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Beautiful music! You have a nice voice, too. This is my favorite.

Kristi's picture

This is a quaint story....there's a sweetness and innocent quality to it. "She inspires me" too is a good line that lifts the story up more. Very positive.

Vegansongs's picture

Yay! Vegan! This is great Andy and beauty is inspiring! Animals are beautiful!
Curiosity stills the this twist reminding us of the power of words and how to be advocates for peace and justice in words and deeds!

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Beautiful guitar playing, Andy! I love this Wonderful performance and delicate vocal to match the lyric and guitar work! Awesome!!