Voyage with Frankie

Voyage with Frankie

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Not like you to have a song so long without comment, but seeing as this song was looking a little lonely I've come to say hello to it. Lots of interesting things going on there, making a lovely rhythmic bed for that melody to float on..............very nice.

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Nice work my dear dragon dreamer. Hope everything is fine with you. Great production you made here.
Solid work and very dreamy

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this is so solid ... soundtrack ready ... i love that sustained guitar note at the beginning before the beat beat drops ... after a particularly busy Monday ... this was a perfect way to wind down and relax ... it ended far too soon for me so i listened to it a few more times ... wonderful work here

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Ohh definitely chair yoga territory ! Thank you Smile This is especially yoga-ish, like a cross between Hendrix and New Age Wink

Great to hear Frankie again Smile

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I've been missing Frankie. Good to her you again. As always, smooth and clean.